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Site Rules - Read before posting [Updated 15-9-04]

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Site Rules - Read before posting [Updated 15-9-04]

Postby PCguy » Mon Sep 13, 2004 6:32 pm

The Site Rules are split into the following sections:
  1. Introduction
  2. General Information
  3. What Not To Do
  4. How To Find The Answers You Need
  5. Closing Statement

A. Introduction
  1. Welcome to PC Techforums. These rules where designed with YOU in mind. They are not just a bunch of rules, they are instructions on how to use this site and on how to get the answers YOU need as fast as possible.
  2. For your convenience, any changes since the last version of the Site Rules are in this color so that you don't have to read the entire rules again. If this is your first time reading them please read them all, it only takes a minute.

B. General Information
  1. We try to help as much as we can. The staff here do not get paid and do everything they do on a voluntary bases, so please respect that.
  2. PC Techforums is and will always be FREE. The only requirement that we have is that you must register to post in the Forum. All other sections of the site can be used by guests. Registration simply assists the site staff with user management and registering is FREE.

C. What Not To Do
  1. DO NOT use Private Messages, Feedback or E-Mail to ask the staff for help or support, unless a member of staff specifically asks you to do so.
  2. Please try to be patient as sometimes finding solutions can take time. It will do you no good badgering the staff, in fact, it will make them less likely to help you.
  3. Multiple postings won't get you an answer any quicker, if anything, it could lead to the post(s) being deleted or locked.
  4. One to one support will only be given if a member of staff chooses to offer it. We request that you DO NOT ask for one to one support via any means.
  5. DO NOT post topics titles or posts completely in uppercase letters. This is considered shouting / rude and is not accepted.
  6. If you can't say (post) anything nice, then don't say (post) anything at all. Abuse to other members will not be tolerated. Any user who abuses other users, spams the forum, or is just a general trouble maker, will be banned from this site, no exceptions.

D. How to find the answers you need
  1. Forum Search
    1. The search facility on the forums is probably your best friend when having a problem, there is a good chance that someone else has had the problem you are having and that a solution has been posted before, so use this tool it will help you to get your answers faster than posting and waiting for someone to reply.
    2. If at first you don't seem to find what you are looking for or your search comes back with a lot of results try again but this time change the search option to search for all words, this will narrow down the results to a few and they should all contain your answer.
  2. Post A New Topic
    1. IMPORTANT! The Fact that you are posting here more than likely means you need some kind of help or support so DO NOT give your post a title of:
      • I NEED HELP!
      • I have a question.
      • BIG problem!
      • NOOB needs help!
      • Problems
      • URGENT!
      • Dont just use 2 word topics
      • Anything similar to the above!
    2. Instead be descriptive about the problem or use an error message if you have one. Give clear and descriptive titles that allow people to search the forum and find topics related to there problem in a fast and easy way.
    3. Remember this affects you too, if you’re looking for help on a problem, how easy would it be to find what you are looking for if everything was named properly.
    4. If you use a title that is generalized, not specific or not related to the problem you are having it WILL be locked / removed.
    5. When you post, post as much information as you can:
      • Your Setup
      • Versions of software
      • Specific problem
      • Be as detailed as possible
      • Error Messages
      • Give a link to a screen shot of the error messege (if possible)
    6. When typing your post DO NOT use text message or abbreviated style writing. People who don't regularly use such things as text lingo can find these posts difficult to understand.
    7. Post Bumping - You may NOT bump (reply to) your own thread with no reason other than to bring it to the top of the listings
E. Closing Statement
  1. We are a friendly site who welcomes new users. We also welcome anyone, even those who have no interest in discussing anything related to fixing PCs. It’s just what we are all about.
  2. We hope you don’t find the rules overwhelming. They are simple, straight forward and make the running and using of the site easy and friendly.
  3. If you don’t think that you can follow these Site Rules then please turn around and leave now.
  4. The Site Rules apply to everyone, NO exceptions.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and we hope you enjoy using our site.


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